Cellulite Treatments

There are a variety of treatments available for improving the appearance of cellulite, many of them are only temporary and each comes with its own pros and cons.

As such, Dr. Wagner has researched and offers two different therapies which she has found can provide excellent results in improving the appearance of Cellulite.

  • Collagenase Therapy
  • Carboxytherapy

How does Carboxytherapy work?

In this procedure, natural carbon dioxide is introduced under the skin with a very thin needle.

The carbon dioxide causes an increase in blood circulation which, in turn, causes a reduction in the stippled appearance of cellulite by repairing skin elasticity.

The carbon dioxide is eventually exhaled by the lungs, leaving your body completely.

The Best Medical Aesthetic Treatment
Right In the Heart of Basel


Using your bodies natural abilities.

Stimulating natural cellulite repair through collagen production.

Offering a great non-liposuction alternative to treating cellulite.

Collagenase Therapy

Collagenase Therapy

This therapy involves injections of collagen-degrading enzymes which simply dissolve the fibrous bands connecting skin to muscle.

Gradually dissolving these tethers (septae) allows the skin to float up and smooth out. These septae tug the skin down and cause the dimples & stippling effect in the skin that is the common aesthetic complaint of cellulite.

Although it is a newer therapy it recently gained full FDA approval in the US. And is being called a “Game Changer” for Cellulite.
Number of treatments:
This varies on a case-by-case basis, but on average, between 3 & 4 treatments at 3 to 4-week intervals are required. Your exact treatment schedule will be discussed in your initial consultation with Dr. Wagner

How Much does Cellulite Treatment cost?

Collagenase Therapy

CHF 250

For first injections

Subsequent injections
CHF 200 each.

Suitable for Small Areas


CHF 80

Per Side


Belly & Buttocks

Suitable for Large Areas

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