ThermiSmooth® For Face benefits.

  • Reduce worry lines
  • Help with sagging eyelids
  • Firm up papery skin on the face or neck
  • Reduce parenthesis (lines or nasolabial folds around the mouth)
  • Improve the appearance of crow’s feet
  • Helps to lift sagging jowls
  • Restores firm tone to your skin
  • Suitable for every skin type
Painlessly and with no downtime.
Non-Surgical Facelift & Skin Tightening.

What is ThermiSmooth®?

ThermiSmooth® for face is a completely non-invasive treatment for skin laxity, wrinkle improvement and smoothing for different areas of the face and neck.

Using temperature-controlled radio frequency – known as the ThermiRF® system, it heats the dermis (middle & thickest layer of your skin) to promote immediate skin contraction and stimulation of collagen.

It is non-invasive, pain-free and comes with no risk of hyperpigmentation. ThermiSmooth® treatments are not available for patients who have a fever or skin infection in or around the area of application.

Treatments are performed on an outpatient basis at Dr. Wagner’s Laser Beauty Clinic.

The Best Medical Aesthetic Treatment
Right In the Heart of Basel


ThermiSmooth® Facial Rejuvenation

Revealing the new you through the the stimulating power of radiofrequency.

See results from your first treatment – with best results over 3 treatments.

Quick Facts about ThermiSmooth® For Face

How does ThermiSmooth® work?

Using a special wand, Dr. Wagner directs radiofrequency to gently heat your skin a few millimetres beneath its surface.
As an immediate effect the heating process causes some of the collagen in the tissue shrink, this in turn makes your skin tighter and smoother.
Additionally, the radiofrequency heating promotes your body’s natural ability to produce new collagen. This new collagen then helps to fill in any wrinkles and dimples, making your skin look younger and healthier. For sagging skin on the face, ThermiSmooth® can give you a tighter, firmer appearance & feel.

How quickly can I expect Results?

Results are both immediate and progressive.
You should notice changes immediately after treatment, but it typically takes three to six months before you see the complete results.
Providing you continue with maintenance sessions – once every 9-12 months, you should keep those results.

What downtime should I expect?

You can immediately return to your normal activities.
In fact, because the procedure is so fast and painless, many of our patients choose to undergo treatment during their lunchbreak before returning to work.


How Much does ThermiSmooth® cost?

ThermiSmooth® Individual Treatment

CHF 350

Per Session

ThermiSmooth® 3 Session Price

CHF 890

when booked together

Rejuvenation Pack

CHF 1150

ThermiSmooth® - 3 Sessions

TCA Peel between 2 Sessions

For the very best results

Discuss with Dr. Wagner

During your Consultation

Are there other options to consider?


Using a special pen-roller, our specially trained medical aesthetic technician makes very fine pinpricks in your facial skin. The wounds are so small that you will likely be unable to see them after the procedure.


Botox is a well-known beauty treatment giving excellent, quick results when delivered by a skilled doctor.
It involves the use of a very small amount of a botulinum toxin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines or treat muscle-based issues.

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